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Archive for February, 2014

  • Gnomes vs. Weeds

    Gnomes vs. Weeds

    A middle school girl enters in a world where her best friend, father and brother are real life characters of her favorite video games.  

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  • Radioactive Puberty

    Radioactive Puberty

    Three geeky pre-pubescent boys are learning that entering into adulthood can be rather smelly. The lyrics are  originally created by one of our troupe Jordan […]

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  • The Floor is Lava

    The Floor is Lava

    Three siblings Cindy, Timmy and Sally are playing their usual pretend game the “Floor is Lava” but it’s no longer a make believe scenario when […]

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  • The Bill Collector

    The Bill Collector

    Mild Mannered Mrs. Crock is confronted by an obnoxious and relentless administrative assistant from a plumbing   company for a balance she still owes from […]

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  • Article in Austin Fusion Magazine

    Article in Austin Fusion Magazine

    Great News! It’s here! Our wonderful Season 1 troupe has worked really hard for over 6 months- writing, collaborating, rehearsing and filming! Austin Fusion Magazine interviewed our kiddos […]

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