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Season 1 Cast

Welcome to Season 1!

Find out everything you wanted to know about the cast of Season 1 Keepin’ It Weird TV!

Season 1 KIW TV Troupe



Cassandra Dixson has been a troupe member of Keepin’ It Weird TV since May 2013. She is also the Co-Creator  and one of the main writers of Keepin’ It Weird TV.  Her vision for this show was to collaborate with fellow actors and writers to create some really funny, goofy and down right entertaining sketch and comedy shorts for the whole family.  She is a true Austinite, born and raised in Austin, TX.  Her love for acting and music began when she was 6 years old performing at Zach Scot Theater and a number of live performances as a classical pianist.  She eventually faced up to the challenge as an Actor for film when she turned 11 years old.  She performed in a number of University of Texas Student films, Independent films and television pilot program such as “Professor Isle’s Laboratory”, New York University Master Thesis film “Band of Thieves” and her most recent work as PK Steinmark in “My All American” Feature film which will premiere in October 2015 in theaters nationwide are just a few of her various roles.

IMG_1962Dashiell Smith is a young actor living in Austin, TX. He began acting in 2011 and has since been in 3
feature films, over 15 short form films and numerous commercials, industrials and music videos. Whenhe is not acting he enjoys karate and is on the invitation-only Youth Leadership Team at Austin Martial Arts Academy. Dashiell loves animals and helps care for his family’s menagerie, including dogs, cats, goats, horses, birds, a ferret and a bearded dragon. He is thrilled to be among the creative cast of Keepin’ It Weird TV.

image (1)Nadia Lili Islam was born on October 5th 2001. Nadia can speak fluent Spanish and she likes to travel and learn about other Cultures.  At age of Eleven she landed her first lead short film “Esta vida” in Spanish. Soon after Nadiastarted taking Acting Lessons with Maurice Ripke, Marco Perella, Intesive Film classes with Cathryn Sullivan and Auditioning classes with Toni Brock. She has also appeared
in several commercials, such as one for the Super Bowl Half time 2013 “Prudential Insurance”.Nadia has done some Film as a Supporting Actress, a TV pilot, Lead Music videos, and Public Campaigning. Currently she is working on sketches with “Keepin’ It Weird TV” Web series.

heaDJordan Elsass has primarily been involved in theater prior to his involvement with Keepin’ It Weird. He has
been in several productions at the Palace Theater in Georgetown, including Annie Get Your Gun, Miracle on 34th Street, and Treasure Island Jr. (Jim Hawkins). He most recently played Howard in Inherit the Wind in Sun City and Will Rogers Jr. at The Palace. He has recently become interested in film work and played the role of ‘Poindexter’ in a TV pilot spec. He is extremely excited to be part of this talented youth comedy troupe.

IMG_1117 (1)
Zia Kinzy Hails from Austin, TX and is quite the weird actor; the bulk of her acting experience is from performing Shakespeare with the ImprovEd Shakespeare Co. Now, that’s weird (for a ten-year old)! She has also graced the stage in musicals and with improvisation, but is just beginning to work in film. A girl of many interests, she is an avid derby brat with the TX Junior Rollergirls, knows how to start a campfire, enjoys mimicking accents, trains pigeons and (like all Texans) rides horses (but she doesn’t live on a ranch with longhorns, however, she does feed longhorns on Sundays). Born in NYC, the energy was firmly imprinted on her soul and she plans on living in a big city when she’s old enough.