Nadia Lili Islam was born on October 5th 2001. Nadia can speak fluent Spanish and she likes to travel and learn about other Cultures. At age of Eleven she landed her first lead short film “Esta vida” in Spanish. Soon after Nadia started taking Acting Lessons with Maurice Ripke, Marco Perella, Intesive Film classes with Cathryn Sullivan and Auditioning classes with Toni Brock. Nadia Lili Islam has also appeared in several commercials, such as one for the Super Bowl Half time 2013 “Prudential Insurance”. Nadia has done some Film as a Supporting Actress, a TV pilot, Lead Music videos, and Public Campaigning. Currently she is working on sketches with “Keepin’ It Weird TV” Web series.  Nadia Lili Islam has been a recurring cast member from Season 1 of Keepin’ It Weird TV and now a principal performer and Writer for Season 2! Look for Nadia Lili Islam in roles like Mrs. Crock of ” The Bill Collector ” sketch return for Season 2 with a new story! She will also play as Housewife Rita in “ARTie The Checkout Stand ” sketch with new storylines!