Vanessa Kjeldsen began her acting career as Glynda in The Wizard of Oz at Center Stage in Austin, TX, at age four. From that sparkly beginning, she has been cast in roles ranging from Tiny Tim in a Christmas Carol to Lumière in Beauty and the Beast and the witch in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She later segued into PSA work for Ronald McDonald House and film work including Angels Sing, directed by Tim McCanlies. Vanessa Kjeldsen loves all things fashion and beauty, says there can never be too much glitter, and is a self-professed cat lady . Vanessa Kjeldsen’s happiest moments are when she makes others laugh, so she’s tickled to be a part of Keepin’ It Weird TV.  Look for Vanessa Kjeldsen as Lacy in “Chauncy” The Dog sketches plus a number of funny roles for Season 2!